Character Design Competition

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

14th anniversary of Asleep Eidolon, character design competition

It illuminates everything you can see. Shadows and colors come from the pen. It’s light, it’s darkness, it’s chaos, it’s calm, it’s absolute. The fairy wakes only because of you. You write the psalms. For the 14th anniversary of the Asleep Eidolon, create your own fairy with the theme of “Fairy Poems” !

Participation Time:

Participation period: 11.01,2020-12.14,2020

Selection period: 12.15,2020-12.18,2020

Results released : December 18,2020

Theme of the competition: Fairy Poems


First prize, $755, plus a full set of dolls if the doll will be materialized.

Second Prize, any naked doll * 1.

Third Prize, any basic doll head * 1.

Best Popularity Award*3,"likes" is in the top three, any basic doll head * 1.


1. Please design Asleep Eidolon content for the theme of BJD image. The main image of the design needs to be the fairy, creative should accord with Asleep Eidolon brand positioning and theme direction.

2. Must be in the official template for the creation, the artistic expression is not limited, the content is not limited, the fairy sex is not limited, the posture is not limited, the proportion is not limited, contestants are free to draw, the proportion please according to the Asleep Eidolon existing nuke body to create.

3. At least provide front, back design, the entry does not meet the requirements can not be selected;

4. No illegal, spoof, plagiarism, excessive illegibility and other works that do not meet the requirements for participation in the competition.


1. Submission method

Email submission with the subject line participant’s Weibo ID or twitter ID, attached source file and JPG preview, to email address

If you post it on twitter@AEDOLL or@Asleepeidolon with the hashtag # AEDOLL14th, it’s considered a success. If the same content is published on both platforms as the same submission, the maximum number of likes is obtained.

2. Participants are required to retain a 300DPI resolution for print production of BITMAP source files or vector files.

3. Good entries will have the opportunity to be materialized and released. If AEDOLL decides to materialize, AEDOLL will consult with the designer to produce and sell according to the production difficulty.

4. Works must be complete and comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the state requirements, completely