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Asleep Eidolon LAYAWAY 2022

Layaway method 1.

Paypal Layaway


Choose a credit card to pay in paypal.


Layaway method 2

AE Layaway


We canceled this installment payment because there were too few orders to complete the order amount by AE layaway.If you want to place an order by installment, please use the first installment method.

We also provide AE layaway service for interest-free payment.

Please log in as a member.


1. The order amount is more than $200 (not include shipping)contain a pre-order doll can use AE layaway service for 3 months.

2.There are two installments, first payment and final payment. The installments last three months.

3. Please register as a member before use AE layaway service.

4. First payment is $100 for each doll.

5.Please use paypal directly transfer within three months to pay the rest payment.

6.More than three months without paying the rest payment, as giving up the order,first payment will not be returned. In case of special circumstances can be appropriately a few delays, but need to show in advance,invalid after the deadline.

7. Pay the rest payment must not exceed 2 times.

8. AE layaway of the production time will be longer than full payment,can’t get refund cause the production time because you choose an AE layaway service.

9. Shipping address and order details is according to the first payment. You can not make order change during layaway period.

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