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Summer Event 50% off Event Head

2021 Summer Event

If you buy 1/4 , 1/3 or 1/6 size doll,you can add a basic head in the same size and same brand.(If you choose Asleep Eidolon's doll,you can not choose XAGADOLL's head and vice versa.

Don't forget add event head in your shopping cart~

Event period : 2021.6.18th-2021.7.18th(GMT+8)

Asleep Eidolon Event Head

1/3 Girl Heads Dora , Vanessa , Mignon , Winter Solstice , Grain Full , Dolly , Miriam , Lynn,Green Grape, Purple Grape Rebecca ,Xiao Xue ,Moira ,Mavis ,Calandra ,Setlla ,Sharon ,Mar ,Drizzle ,Snow ,Yan Zhi ,Shui Fen ,Azuki sp Azuki ,Chiara ,Lena,Jane,Vivien

1/3 Boy Heads Dora , Xun , Evan , Knox , Eli , King , Fay , Rita , Alex , Eric , Lynn , Rudy ,Cho Shu ,Cho Mian ,Aaron,Levy,Gary(68cm)

1/4 Heads Mini Cordelia , Mini Cordelia sp , Mini Snow , Mini Calandra , Mini Aimee ,Kalika ,Mini Agnes ,Chun,Xue Ling,Yue Yu,Snow Pear,Cherry,Blueberry,Lemon

1/6 Heads Azuki beans,Egg Tart,Milk Shake,Cordelia Dinosaur,Sleeping Cordelia Dinosaur


1/3 Girl Heads Liu Li,Nightgale,Elsiee,Amethyst(63cm),Clear Quartz,Ted sp,Ciel,Irene,Yuri,Riko,Ian,Yan,Cloris,Erica,Camille,蝶,Ted,Elsie,Laure,Aoi,Cecilia,July,Cody,Ying Fei,Sara,Sarah

1/3 Boy Heads Hoshino(68cm),Lucas,Yu Chen,Ash,Yi Bai,Mo Chen,Sirius α,Sirius β,Charles,Rohee,Corora,Macula,Flare,Owen,Yu,Ted.

1/4 Heads Mini Zoe,Shuang Hua,Mini Riko,Mini Sara,Mini Ted sp,Alva,May,Mini Ted,May

1/6 Heads Maltose,Marshmallow,August,Kokoro,Mia,Vivi,Mimi,Kuku,Ida,Cici,Bobby,Nono,Tata,Yoyo

*You can select any one of basic head as an event head,event head’s skin color is as same as your order.

*No gender limitation.If you order a boy,you can choose a girl head in the same size.

*Event order(Nuke doll) may takes more than 3-4 months production period.

Full set or add make-up :5-6 months production period.

*Event head can not sell separately,we will close the order if you place this page separately.

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