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Marija, the popular character of Muse Dash, the game made by the game company peropero, wearing a popular maid's outfit with a shy face, sends her greetings to you "Master, thanks for your work today...", coming to you as a BJD!

The smooth yet posable ball joints allow you to act out a variety of different scenes.



Jan 1st, 2023 ~ Mar 1st, 2023


Product Details

Body and head (with facial make-up), clothes,  eyes, wig, boots.



A.Maid Marija acrylic keyring

B.When you order Marija before Feb 1st, you will get extra Marija SP head (with make-up).

When you order Marija in Feb 2nd until Mar 1st, you will get extra Marija SP head(blank).


Skin Color

White peach (UV cut)






High resin



Double Jointed





Head girth:16.3cm

Neck girth:5.2cm

Arm length:7.5cm

Shoulder width:5.3cm

Chest girth:11.5cm

Waist girth:9cm

Hip girth:16.1cm

Leg length:15.2m

Foot length:4cm



Delivery Time

About 120 working days.



This doll is defaulted to come with normal hands, please add them if you want special hands type.

1.This product includes facemask,certificate of authenticity,doll case,random eyes.

2.If you select the face-up, we will fixed the random eyes and the eyelash in the head.

3.The doll will be carefully assembled and nicely polished before shipping.

Maid Marija

  • Our products will be made by handwork according to the selected order option. 

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