1/12 Dolls $35

1/6  Dolls $35

1/6 Special Dolls $35

1/4 Dolls $40

1/4 Special Dolls $40

1/3 Dolls $45

1/2 Dolls $60

Body blushing is the process of painting with an airbrush on the body surface to express the body of a ball joint doll more realistically closer to the actual skin. The doll's body looks more stereoscopic and luxurious and looks alive. It also has some effect to prevent yellowing of the doll. However, please note that body blushing may be easily peeled off between the joints due to the nature of the ball joint doll made of joints. Therefore, we do not recommend body blushing service to customers who are sensitive to paint peeling.

Body blushing is not include facial face up.

Body Blushing

Body Blushing
  • Our products will be made by handwork according to the selected order option. 

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